About Us

Why Spearhead?

Spearhead is the name we chose because it encapsulates what we’ve wanted to do even before the founding of our company. We wanted to be the ones to spearhead the move to the internet.

Philippines, our home, is a developing country where Filipino entrepreneurs still cling onto old ways of conducting business. Many of those who do expand online do so on a limited scale.

We wanted to change that.

When we launched Spearhead in 2020, we envisioned Filipino-owned businesses, big and small, taking full advantage of online solutions to increase the overall efficiency and productivity.

While we realize our goal in our home country, we also work with international clients including those in the United States, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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We Know Our Strengths

We understand the importance of listening, collaboration, and patience.
We employ technologies and strategies that have been proven to work.
We use our experience not as an anchor, but as a guide to success.

Digital Marketing & SEO Agency

Spearhead guarantees a full suite service. From the launch of your website to the upgrades of your system software, you can depend on us every step of the way.

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Spearhead has developed and continues to manage e-commerce platforms for retailers.


Spearhead has helped with the implementation of an automated appointment system for clinics.


Spearhead has increased the efficiency of restaurants by integrating accessible software.


Spearhead has assisted in the success of freelancers in different fields using digital marketing.

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