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Spearhead Offers Digital Marketing Solutions Designed For SMEs

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The startup would like to dispel the notion that social media is all small and midsize businesses need

MANILA, Philippines, February 25, 2020 — Spearhead, a digital marketing agency, gears up to lead the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with top-tier digital marketing solutions that will maximize their reach — way more than social media can.

Based in the Philippines, Spearhead has recently opened its virtual doors and is offering web design, e-commerce services and digital marketing strategies comprising the use of social media, content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) to clients worldwide.

Spearhead believes that digital marketing is the most effective tool SMEs can utilize to be able to go head-to-head with even their biggest competitors in their respective industries. Technology has advanced immensely in the past decade that the internet is no longer just a place for social networking and entertainment, but a viable platform for businesses to market their products and services to current and potential customers as well. With digital marketing, even small and midsize businesses can engage a global audience.

Social Media is Not Enough

Many SMEs go straight to social networking sites for a convenient way to reach customers, and giants Facebook and Instagram have made marketing tools available to businesses within their platforms. While social media provides SMEs the avenue to directly communicate with their audience and present their brand a certain way, its use alone does not guarantee sales.

“When we talk about digital marketing, people automatically think of social media. Although social media is definitely a valid way to market online, it’s just one of the many components of digital marketing,” said Dairyll John Masaya, chief technology officer at Spearhead.

A digital marketing strategy will not only establish a brand’s presence on social media, but also take it anywhere on the internet. “With content management and SEO, for example, we make it easier and faster for customers to find you wherever they are online,” added Masaya.

Outsourcing Digital Marketing Needs

Businesses need a reliable partner in implementing their digital marketing campaign to sustain their growth. Spearhead offers a customized set of digital marketing and e-commerce solutions to fit the individual needs of businesses, whether they be small, medium or large, to ensure that they attract as many customers as possible.

A team of innovative and highly skilled professionals, Spearhead is the driving force behind the brands it has been working with from a range of industries. From clothing brands and restaurants to medical practices and law firms, Spearhead knows how to make a business stand out in a saturated market.


About Spearhead: Spearhead is a digital marketing agency based in Manila, Philippines specializing in web design, e-commerce solutions and digital marketing to help small and medium-sized businesses reach a wider audience with strategies customized to their individual needs. Spearhead has been working with brands from a variety of industries, from clothing brands and sports retailers to restaurants and cafés.

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