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Spearhead guarantees a full suite service. From the launch of your website to the upgrades of your system software, you can depend on us every step of the way.

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Spearhead has developed and continues to manage e-commerce platforms for retailers.


Spearhead has helped with the implementation of an automated appointment system for clinics.


Spearhead has increased the efficiency of restaurants by integrating accessible software.


Spearhead has assisted in the success of freelancers in different fields using digital marketing.


Intel Atom and Intel Xeon are what we use for the different dedicated server product lines located in a first-class US data center. Steadfast is based in the downtown area of Chicago. It features fantastic reliability for your dedicated server, together with 24/7/365 on-site supervising devices. In addition, the risk of outages as a result of earthquakes is significantly decreased. At the same time, the Steadfast data center is situated next to a communications portal and offers a good amount of network volume.
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WordPress is the most well-known content management system on the internet. Whether it's an online store or a portfolio, your business can use WordPress on most web hosting platforms. There are thousands of plugins available to maximize the productivity of this widely popular platform that started as a blogging software.
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Shopify is one of the premiere ecommerce platforms that can help businesses big or small grow. Other than online selling, Shopify can be used to manage customers, inventory, and marketing campaigns. Integrations include sales automation, social media posting, and user-friendly data analytics output.
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Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the most popular online advertising platforms. Developed by the number one search engine, Google, it's where companies pay to display their advertisements to reach millions online daily. Brand awareness, product listings, service offerings, and various other advertising campaigns can be done through Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords.
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Nextcloud is one of the most popular content collaboration platform. It allows you to share files, organize audio/video conferences, manage emails, and more. These can all be done on desktop, mobile, and web interfaces. On top of being a continuously developed open source software, the self-hosted Nextcloud platform allows your company to maintain full control of your own data.
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